Friday, June 09, 2006


Nena (Vocals)

Name: Gabriele Susanne Kerner
Born: 24 March, 1960
Birthplace: Hagen, Germany
Orientation: Straight

Lead singer of the German band Nena that had unique worldwide success in 1984 with their anti-war song "99 Luftballons" (English ver. "99 Red Balloons").
Her first child, Christopher, died at 11 months.
She has four children.
Today she still tours Germany as a solo artist, and is still making albums. Her most recent album, "Willst du mit mir gehn" (2005), was No. 1 bestseller in Germany.

Rolf (Drums)

Name: Rolf Brendel
Born: 13 June, 1957
Birthplace: Hagen, Germany
Orientation: Straight

Rolf Brendel was the drummer for the German band Nena.
He and the lead singer, Gabriele Susanne (Nena) Kerner, dated for five years.
They split when Nena found Rolf in bed with a Japanese girl during their 1985 tour of Japan. Rolf and Nena have reconciled since the incident, and are today very close friends. Often when Nena tours she invites Rolf to play drums.
Today, Rolf manages the German singer Marlon.

Juergen (Bass)

Name: Juergen Dehmel
Born: 12 August, 1958
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Orientation: Straight

Juergen Dehmel played bass for the German band Nena.
In 1985, he married Christiane Kerner, (Nena's sister). They divorced in 1987.
Since the band split, Juergen has settled down with a family.

Uwe (Keyboards)

Name: Joern Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen
Born: 10 March, 1960
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Orientation: Straight

Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen played keyboards for the German band Nena.
After the band split, he dated the American actress Apollonia Kotero, who appeared in the movie "Purple Rain".
He is now a producer in Germany, and collaberates with Nena on her solo albums.

Carlo (Guitar)

Name: Carlo Karges
Born: 31 July, 1951
Died: 30 January, 2002
Birthplace: Hamburg, Germany
Orientation: Straight

Carlo Karges played guitar for the German band Nena.
He had faced liver problems and had been sick since December 2001. He was buried in Hamburg.
Photo's of Nena, my fav. band:

Bottom row, left to right: Carlo Karges (Guitar), Nena Kerner (Vocals), Juergen Dehmel (Bass)
Top left to right: Rolf Brendel (Drums), Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen (Keyboards)

Nena and Rolf Brendel (Drummer) dated for five years.




Ok...My first post. Not much to say, but here's some stuff ab. me:

Name: Michael
Birthday: 22 April
Location: London, England
Fav. Song: 99 Luftballons

Top 5 Fav. Bands With a song(s) that they are known for, and some stuff about them:

1. Nena (99 Luftballons, 99 Red Balloons)
Started in 1981 in Berlin, Germany, first hit was in 1982 with "Nur Geträumt". In 1983 they released "99 Luftballons", which was a worldwide smash hit the following year. Band broke up in 1987, and Nena has been a successful German solo artist since

2. A-ha (Take On Me, The Sun Always Shines on TV)
Started in 1984 in either Oslo or London, Their first hit was the worldwide success "Take on Me. Since then, the band has recorded many other albums, and recently had a top 10 hit in the UK with "Analogue".

3. Blondie (Rapture, Heart of Glass, One Way or Another)
Started in mid-70's in New York, had many hit's in the 70's and a couple in the early 80's

4. The Beatles (Twist and Shout, Hey Jude)
They hardly need an explanation, but they were a band that started in Liverpool, England. They were really popular here (In the UK) until they went overseas and became even more popular on a worldwide level.

5. The Stripes (No, not the White Stripes) (Ecstasy, Strangers, Kicks in Berlin)
Above, I mentioned Nena, my fav. band. Well, the lead singer, Nena Kerner, was in a band called "The Stripes" before she was ever in the band "Nena". The Stripes was a rock/new wave sort of arrangement (i.e. *guitar riff* *guitar riff* *clap, clap* *guitar riff* *guitar riff* *clap clap*). They had minor success in Germany with "Ecstasy". Their debut album didn't sell, and they disbanded.